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A Trusted Supplement Manufacturer Since 1977

For over 45 years, thousands of USA and international nutraceutical business owners have trusted Vitaquest as their dietary supplement manufacturer. Our expertise extends to a wide range of dosage forms and innovative delivery technologies in the nutraceuticals and functional foods sector. 

Where can we help you go?

No matter where you’re starting from – be it with a great idea or a fully developed commercial business – Vitaquest has the market insight and breadth of capability as a top supplement manufacturer to help you deliver your products to market. 

How Does Vitaquest Help Existing and Emerging Dietary Supplement Businesses?

Our suite of in-house services has helped thousands of brands transform their ideas into a reality.

Market Entry

Vitaquest can help you through the entire process of formulating, producing, and launching high-quality dietary supplements.


Do you have an idea for a new product? We can help you turn it into an exceptional dietary supplement for your business.

Differentiating to Grow

Our experienced team is in touch with the latest market trends and can help invigorate your products with new approaches.

Strategic Partnering

Vitaquest can help you expand your capacity, reduce costs, and get to the market faster – anywhere in the world.

Vitaquest’s Commitment to Product Quality Assurance is Unmatched

Our Facility and Product Certifications meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Facility Certifications

Product Certifications

Quality Assurance International
Health Canada

Product Certifications

Orthodox union

Why Choose Vitaquest as Your Supplement Manufacturer?

Learn why more than 500 brands in over 40 countries trust us with their business.

Health Supplements

What’s NEXT at Vitaquest

Two key values that define Vitaquest’s business are innovation and flawless execution. That’s why we say that we ‘deliver what’s next’

Vitaquest TotalQ

TotalQ™ Commitment to Quality

Vitaquest’s commitment to quality isn’t just about cGMP and certifications. It permeates every aspect of our business.

Over 2,000 New Products a Year

We’re more than just order takers – we want to be a commercialization partner, an idea enabler and a strategic resource.

Vitaquest Firsts

Innovation means that you are a trailblazer in your industry. Over our 45+ years of operation, Vitaquest has been an industry-leading nutraceutical products manufacturer by continually developing new product concepts, new packaging and filling systems, and creative ways of managing quality.

  • First stick pack design & delivery

  • First shelf-stable consumer probiotic product

  • New analytical methods for:

    • Halal compliance
    • Probiotic enumeration
    • Protein analysis
  • More than 40,000 microbiological tests performed each year by our in-house lab

  • Unique custom production equipment design

Discover the Latest Nutraceutical Industry Insights

Original content for supplement brand owners written by our team of experts.

Understanding the #powder #supplement manufacturing process is critical for brand owners & those new to the #nutraceutical industry.

Our expert, Kevin Kumetz, shares his insight on the manufacturing process and the state of the powder supplement market. Check out what Kevin has to say, then reach out to us to discuss how we can help you #DeliverWhatsNext.

#ContractManufacturing #powdersupplements #greenspowder #proteinpowder #productdevelopment

Ready to take your dietary supplements to the next level? Explore Rick Handel`s expert analysis on orally disintegrating tablets (ODTs) in our latest blog. Learn how ODTs can enhance consumer experience, improve absorption, and set your brand apart. Read more using our link in bio or:
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Explore the factors to consider when choosing a collagen delivery format that aligns with your brand vision and target audience. Read the invaluable tips in our newest blog on collagen delivery formats. Link in bio. Contact us to help you #DeliverWhatsNext in #CollagenSupplements!

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Roses are red, violets are blue, take care of your heart, it loves you too! 💕 February is Heart Health Month, so let`s make heart-healthy choices this #ValentinesDay and every day. ...

Whether an employee has been at Vitaquest for four weeks, or for more than 40 years, they all deliver 100% effort every day at every level of the company to make our clients successful.

Contact us today to discuss how we can work with you to help you #DeliverWhatsNext in #nutraceutical #supplements. To request a competitive price quote, visit our link in bio!

#ContractManufacturing #VitalToVitaquest

To elevate your #BeautyFromWithin game, you have to hook consumers quickly. Jon Weisgal explains on the NutraIngredients Nutracast #Podcast. Listen to Jon and Lauren Samot share their forecast on the #2024Trends driving the #supplement market:

When you’re ready, reach out to us to help you #DeliverWhatsNext!

#ContractManufacturer #DietarySupplement

Attention supplement brands! Want to ensure your products meet the highest standards of quality? Learn how Vitaquest is leading the charge in our latest blog post - link in bio!
#QualityAssurance #IndustryLeader

Ready to take your supplements to the next level? Contact us now for a manufacturing price quote!

We produce more than 4,000 dietary supplement products, and we are ready to help you #DeliverWhatsNext in #supplements! We recently successfully completed the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) Quality Systems GMP Audit Program for all our three facilities, verifying that we manufacture dietary supplement products using the industry’s highest standards of #quality control. Learn more in our latest news release: ...

Our team’s commitment to #quality, collaboration and expertise is unmatched in the #nutraceuticals #supplement industry! Reach out to us today to discuss how our #vital employees can help you #DeliverWhatsNext in #dietary supplements:


Congratulations to the PROUD Champion Award Winners for 2023. These employees have demonstrated dedication, passion, and a commitment to excellence that has left a lasting and positive impact on our company. Thank you for all you do! #VitaquestPROUD ...

Explore the world of protein powder production in our latest blog by Senior Formulator, Kevin Kumetz! Gain insights into the meticulous process behind high-quality supplements. Discover the science, precision, and dedication that set Vitaquest apart in the world of nutraceuticals.

Ready to enhance your brand with premium protein products? Contact us for a personalized quote and let`s elevate your offerings together! Link in bio.

We are celebrating 47 years of success in 2024! Today, Vitaquest is one of the world’s leading #nutraceutical #supplement manufacturers, and it’s because we are always focused on how to #DeliverWhatsNext for our customers. See how our commitment to #innovation sets us apart from our competitors, then reach out to us for a competitive price quote - link in bio ...

Big news! We have successfully completed the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) Quality Systems GMP Audit Program for our three manufacturing sites! This gives our clients increased confidence that our #dietary supplement manufacturing processes meet the industry`s highest standards of #quality control. Learn more in our latest news release:

If you would like to work with us to #DeliverWhatsNext, click the link in bio for a competitive quote!


Commercial Development Leader and Registered Dietitian Lauren Samot has her finger on the pulse of the #nutraceutical industry, and she says that the trends driving the market in 2024 range from foundational nutrition to certified #organic flavors and increased interest in #petnutrition.

What else? Get all Lauren’s and Senior VP, Market Development Jon Weisgal’s insight in the NutraIngredients-USA Nutracast podcast, hosted by Danielle Masterson.

#ContractManufacturer #DeliverWhatsNext #2024Trends #Vitamins #mushrooms #herbs #botanicals #BeautyFromWithin #nootropics #SportsNutrition #PersonalNutrition

Are you looking for a new Contract #Supplement Manufacturer? CEO and President Patrick Brueggman shares his insight on what you should consider to find your ideal partner. Get Pat’s expert insight, and then reach out to us to discuss how we can help you #DeliverWhatsNext in #nutraceutical supplements: ...

We’re not just #ContractManufacturers. At Vitaquest, we are development partners and every team member, from client services to #quality control plays a #vital role in our shared success.
Reach out to discover how we can help you #DeliverWhatsNext! Request a #nutraceutical manufacturing price quote today.

SVP of Commercial Operations Rick Handel shares his insight on the key factors that influence #supplement pricing in our Vitaquest blog. See what Rick has to say, and then contact us to help you #DeliverWhatsNext in #nutraceutical supplements!


At Vitaquest, we have a total commitment to #quality & we verify that every #ingredient we use to develop #nutraceutical #supplements for our clients meets or exceeds the industry’s highest standards for identity, potency, purity and quality.

Learn more at, then reach out to know how we can help you #DeliverWhatsNext

We are #VitaquestPROUD to contribute to @jerseycares Coat Drive again this year with dozens of donations! Together, we can make a difference one coat at a time. ...

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