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Product Development

Supplement Formulation & Development A quality approach to product formulation and development

Quality pervades every aspect of the Vitaquest business – including the way we approach product development and formulation.

Our formulators work from a palette of more than 2,000 ingredients sourced globally from qualified vendors. Each ingredient must be acceptable for use in dietary supplements, and we will not use any ingredient that does not meet our rigid safety and quality standards.

Quality products should do what you say they will do. We keep up with current advances in nutraceutical science, and we have access to a large and growing number of clinically tested ingredients. Our understanding of the science enables us to formulate with the right ingredients – at the right potencies – to drive efficacy in your products.

In every way, Vitaquest is committed to the highest standards in the products we design – and that includes regulatory compliance. We formulate and develop products with compliance in mind, to help you to avoid regulatory hurdles and get your product to market faster.

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