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Latest Nutraceutical Industry Trends and Insights

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Understanding the Variables That Impact the Cost of Manufacturing Dietary Supplements 

By Rick Handel

Dec 5, 2023

When it comes to manufacturing vitamins and dietary supplements, striking a balance between profitability and product quality is crucial. To achieve this, it’s essential to grasp the factors that impact supplement manufacturing costs. Read about the key factors influencing supplement pricing.

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Vitaquest Acquires former Pharmachem, MPT Powder Process Factory

By Gregory Drew

Oct 9, 2023

Discover how Vitaquest’s new fluid bed granulation, agglomeration & microencapsulation facility is set to reshape the contract supplement manufacturing industry. Read now.

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Navigating the Beauty-from-Within Industry: Opportunities for New & Existing Supplement Business Owners

By Michael Anthonavage

Oct 4, 2023

In the pursuit of sustainable practices, Vitaquest, a leading supplement manufacturing company, has taken a proactive approach by applying for and qualifying to receive an Industrial Energy Assessment.

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From Quality Struggles to Amazon Triumph – A Vitaquest Customer Success Story

By Regina FitzPatrick

Sep 18, 2023

Learn how the customized solutions created by our team helped a dietary supplement brand conquer quality issues, paving the way for Amazon prosperity.

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2024 Projected Supplement Trends: The Industry’s Most Popular Ingredients & Categories

By Lauren Samot

Aug 24, 2023

With only four months remaining in 2023, nutraceutical industry experts have already turned their attention to 2024.

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Vitaquest Qualifies for Industrial Energy Assessment: A Step Towards Further Sustainability

By Dan Franzen

Aug 7, 2023

In the pursuit of sustainable practices, Vitaquest, a leading supplement manufacturing company, has taken a proactive approach by applying for and qualifying to receive an Industrial Energy Assessment.

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Vitaquest Delivering What’s Next in Career Opportunities

By Michael Bardales

Jul 17, 2023

The process of recruiting new employees over the last few years has changed dramatically. With the onset of the pandemic, the priorities of prospective job candidates have evolved as people started putting more of a focus on work-life balance, their overall well-being and mental health. The hybrid/remote style of work gained a lot of popularity, but as the country has moved out of the pandemic things have somewhat returned to how things were. One thing that has not changed is how employers attract top talent and retain employees once they are hired.

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Why is Consumer Demand for Taurine Supplements on the Rise?

By Michael Anthonavage

Jul 10, 2023

Taurine is garnishing much attention in the news lately due to a recent study published in Science Magazine (Singh, 2023) touting its biological importance in anti-aging. It’s making some assumptions about human biology as taurine levels have been shown to decline with age, but taurine has been on the dietary supplement scene since its discovery in 1846.

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How Vitaquest Makes the Capsule Filling Process Safer and More Efficient

By Tom Halligan

Jun 27, 2023

Every year, our team at Vitaquest manufactures over one billion capsules in our world-class facilities. These billion doses go through a rigorous manufacturing, quality control, and packaging process, all to ensure you and your customers receive the highest-quality products available in the nutraceutical industry.

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10 Steps to Follow for a Smooth Transition to a New Contract Supplement Manufacturer

By Patrick Brueggman

Jun 20, 2023

In the ever-evolving world of supplement manufacturing, there may come a time when transitioning from one contract manufacturer to another becomes necessary. For example, we recently learned a prominent provider of manufacturing services abruptly ceased its operations, leaving their current customers scrambling to find a new company to work with.

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