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Delivering Innovation in Nutraceutical Development for 45+ Years Quality that excels and yet still improves

At Vitaquest, we’re more than contract nutraceutical supplement manufacturers or toll manufacturers of commodity products. We are true development partners, offering turnkey nutritional manufacturing solutions across a broad range of herbal, vitamin, protein and probiotic custom formulations. We offer the ability to develop private label and white label brands with creativity and quality.

Over these years, Vitaquest has developed a network of relationships at every level of the health and wellness business. Ingredient suppliers. Thought leaders. Scientific and regulatory experts. e-Commerce entrepreneurs. Market-leading consumer product giants. Scientific and regulatory experts. And more. It is through these relationships that Vitaquest helps drive the creation of innovative concepts and the introduction of successful consumer brands.

One thing that distinguishes Vitaquest is continuity – of our employees and our relationships with our customers. Vitaquest is led by a team of experienced experts who have worked with the company for decades, and we have a multi-generational team of people who drive our manufacturing facilities. Our customer base is marked by relationships that grow and endure.

Vitaquest International has been delivering innovation for customers since 1977. Over the last 45+ years the company has established itself as one of the premier product development and manufacturing companies in the nutraceutical and functional foods business. We’ve grown as a result of successful collaborations with our clients, and we have continually invested in the facilities and capabilities needed to support our customers and to anticipate the requirements of their markets.

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