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Particle and Powder Engineering Services Uniform Particle & Powder Engineering for Dietary Supplements, Flavors, Food & Beverages

Fluid Bed Process Technologies

Vitaquest expertise in particle creation, modification and manufacturing using fluid bed, oscillation, and roll compaction technologies is second to none.

Our comprehensive services include wet and dry granulation, agglomeration, microencapsulation, and spray coating. Additionally, we specialize in particle sizing, air drying, and the custom blending and mixing of liquid and powder components.

Discover how our expertise in these areas can enhance your dietary supplement products, ingredients, and flavors making them more appealing and user-friendly

Wet and Dry Granulation

The purpose of granulation is to improve powder properties such as flow, compression, and uniformity during the process of manufacturing dietary supplements and ingredient systems. It can also help to reduce dustiness, off-flavor & odor of some ingredients. Granulated raw materials are particularly effective for use in traditional tablets, chewable tablets, drink tablets, capsules, and functional food powders.

Wet granulation is a process whereby liquid is introduced into a dry powder or blend to convert fine particles into granules with specific size, density, and flow properties. Wet granulation enables the inclusion of liquid actives, flavors, and functional components while improving the overall uniformity of nutraceutical powders.

Dry granulation produces granules from independent particles with zero or minimal liquid and is ideal for products sensitive to moisture or require higher density for compaction or sensory attributes. Vitaquest utilizes fluid bed and roll compaction technology for dry granulation of dietary supplements, functional food, flavor, and personal care products.


Agglomeration is a process of taking fine powders and transforming them into larger granules to facilitate better handling, flow, and mixability into solution. Agglomeration produces an almost dust-free, free-flowing powder ideal for instant soup, foods, and ready-to-mix drink powders.

Microencapsulation and Spray Coating

Fluid bed technology enables the controlled application and mixing of liquid and dry components by spraying complete or partial coatings or multiple coating layers on a powder surface.

Spray coating is utilized for various operational, performance, and sensory solutions where measured particle consistency is critical to product quality.

The process of microencapsulation is applied to modify the properties and behavior of an active ingredient or flavor. This includes protection against degradation, preventing interaction with other ingredients, improving/masking taste, increasing stability, enhancing bioavailability, and controlling release mechanics and timing. Microencapsulation can be useful in a broad range of delivery forms including capsules, tablets, and functional foods & beverages.

Particle Sizing

Uniform particle size and particle size distribution are critical for powder quality & consistency. Leveraging wet and dry granulation, agglomeration, roll compaction, oscillation, milling, sieving, coating, and adjustable tooling, Vitaquest can increase, decrease, match, and recreate custom powder systems based on customer specifications.

Air Drying

Fluid bed drying enables gentle dehydration of food powders and liquid solutions under controlled conditions, resulting in highly stable powders with specified moisture and water activity levels. Air drying retains the nutritional value, color & native flavor of the material being dried while deterring the growth of bacteria, yeasts, and mold.

Air-dried products are easily rehydrated and suitable for fruit & vegetable powders, hygroscopic powders, probiotic formulations, powder drink mixes, instantized foods, and intermediate products.

Complex Blending and Mixing

Leveraging our strengths in formulation, product development, manufacturing, and quality assurance, Vitaquest provides specialty blending and mixing of liquid and powder components resulting in superior, consistent, and uniform products that meet or exceed expectations.

From milligrams to truckloads, we can process micronutrients, macronutrients, plant extracts, high-intensity sweeteners, aroma chemicals, lipids, and even the most challenging ingredients, flavors & dietary supplements.

About Our Powder Processing Facility

Acquired in October 2023, Vitaquest’s new fluid bed powder processing facility located in Paterson, New Jersey expands our ability to process more challenging ingredients, take on more complex formulations, innovate with differentiation, manufacture & package more efficiently, and better improve the intended performance, sensory characteristics, and the end user experience of manufactured products, giving our customers a competitive advantage.

How can we support your external contract manufacturing and toll processing needs for granulation, agglomeration, microencapsulation, air drying, and specialty mixing of ingredients, flavors, dietary supplements, medical foods, and functional food & beverage innovations? Call 800-526-9095 or contact us to get started!

Benefits of Fluid Bed Manufacturing:

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    Custom particle design
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    Functionalization of particles
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    Improve powder flow
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    Product differentiation
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    Exact dosing
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    Facilitate handling
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    More efficient manufacturing
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    Particle size management
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    Modify particle density
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    Modify release properties
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    Dedusting of powders
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    Improved stability and shelf life
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    Standardize materials from different suppliers
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    Apply liquid and powder solutions
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    Powders with low moisture and water activity
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    Maintain key product attributes
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    Maintain 3rd party certifications
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    Consistent powder uniformity
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    Taste masking
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    End-to-end quality
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