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Code of Conduct

Vitaquest Code of Conduct


Mission Statement

Since beginning operations over 45 years ago, Vitaquest has forged many prosperous relationships with customers and vendors alike on the path to becoming a renowned contract manufacturer of vitamins and nutraceutical products. But Vitaquest’s success brings with it a critical additional responsibility – an obligation to create a better future for the people and the communities with which it interacts. But what does this mean? At Vitaquest, this responsibility entails creating a sustainable world for both current and future generations. A sustainable world has three fundamental pillars: social, environmental, and corporate governance. Sustainability guides us in all of our actions and forms the basis for our Supplier Code of Conduct, which defines how we conduct our business and how we choose to do business and interact with our suppliers.

Implementation of our Code of Conduct

Vitaquest’s commitment to sustainability empowers it to involve its suppliers and contractors in its pursuit. Therefore, Vitaquest expects its suppliers and contractors to show solidarity by complying with this Code of Conduct. But the goal is not static. Vitaquest and its suppliers and contractors must strive for continuous improvement of business conduct to achieve sustainability based on these 3 pillars. 

Compliance with our Code of Conduct

Vitaquest expects its suppliers and contractors to use a proactive approach to establish and maintain the standards set forth in this Code of Conduct. To monitor and ensure compliance, Vitaquest and its suppliers and contractors must collect and track data, create relevant and measurable objectives and targets, and regularly monitor and verify progress. Vitaquest’s employees are expected to report to management any business dealings or practices of suppliers or contractors which violate this Code of Conduct.


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