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Ingredient Identity

Ingredient Identification Ingredients are promises we make to consumers

A world-class product begins with world-class ingredients. Vitaquest employs a wide array of methodologies to verify that the ingredients we use meet or exceed the highest standards for identity, potency, quality and purity.

The Vitaquest Quality Control Laboratory performs analytical testing of raw materials in our in-house cGMP/GLP-compliant facility. Our team of qualified and experienced scientists provide fast turnaround and reliable results.

When ingredients arrive at Vitaquest they are placed under quarantine until we can determine that they are accurately labeled and meet specifications. All incoming raw materials are subject to initial identification testing via spectroscopy (FTNIR or FTIR) or chromatography (HPLC or TLC) and comparison to an approved library standard or reference standard. Further ingredient-specific identification testing is conducted where appropriate, such as genetic ID testing for probiotics.

In addition to identification, raw materials may also be subject to screening for the presence of adulterants, solvents, pesticides or heavy metals.

Quantitative chemical analysis and microbiological tests are conducted on all incoming receipts of raw materials.

  • FT-IR, FT-NIR, HPTLC and compendial monograph testing for positive identification of all materials
  • Genetic ID of probiotics via DNA sequencing
  • Traditional plating and state-of-the-art flow cytometry for probiotic counts
  • ICP-MS for elemental & heavy metal analysis
  • UPLC-MS/MS system for chemical contaminant analysis (pesticides, drugs, WADA-banned substances, etc.)
  • UPC² Convergence chromatography system for fat- and water-soluble vitamin mixtures
  • GC-MS for residual solvents
  • Total Nitrogen Analyzer for Proteins
  • Integrated LIMS system for documentation
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