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California Transparency Act

The California Transparency Act A commitment to responsible and ethical business practices

Vitaquest is committed to doing business with honesty and integrity.  We conduct our business in compliance with the law and maintain an ongoing commitment to act ethically and responsibly.

Our Human Rights Policy demonstrates our commitment to responsible and ethical business practices. 

We expect our workforce and certain suppliers to follow the letter and spirit of our Human Rights Policy. Accordingly, we also expect our suppliers to do what is necessary to eradicate unethical labor practices – including forced labor and trafficking – in their supply chains. To that end, we require certain suppliers to contractually verify and certify that the goods they provide to us are in compliance with our Human Rights Policy. We contractually reserve the right to address and evaluate the risk of forced labor and trafficking in our supply chains or to audit certain suppliers. We further maintain internal accountability standards to make sure our workforce complies with our Human Rights Policy, and we further request that certain suppliers maintain standards to ensure that they are not utilizing forced labor or the victims of human trafficking.

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