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Here at Vitaquest, we understand that manufacturing a quality product is just one piece of the puzzle. We will work with you from ideation and product formulation to pilot trials and production, helping you understand all the regulatory, compliance, and marketing requirements along the way.
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The 5 Benefits of Custom Supplement Manufacturing with Vitaquest

From influencers and athletes releasing their own supplement brands to new research on the correlation between nutraceuticals and COVID-19 immunity, hardly a day goes by when you don’t hear about our industry in the news. But with this popularity comes dozens of new companies offering to turn your supplement idea into a reality. As you leap into custom supplement manufacturing, be wary of the new developers trending on your social feeds and turn to a custom nutraceutical manufacturer who has led the industry for 45+ years instead.

There is a reason, as supplement fads come and go, Vitaquest continues to deliver. Here are five benefits of custom supplement manufacturing with our team of experts.

We Offer Idea2Market Solutions

Versatility, scalability, and flexibility—these three things are vital when turning to a nutritional supplement manufacturer. Another company may help you develop your product but leave you alone to figure out your brand, navigate the regulatory environment, and move into the market.

Here at Vitaquest, we understand that manufacturing a quality product is just one piece of the puzzle. We will work with you from ideation and product formulation to pilot trials and production, helping you understand all the regulatory, compliance, and marketing requirements along the way. We will:

Whether you are new to the market or simply looking to invigorate your current line of products, we will be by your side. You will not find flexibility like that with another manufacturer.

We Stay Ahead of the Curve with Constant Innovation

We remain committed to “delivering what’s next” in custom supplement manufacturing. That means constantly innovating our manufacturing technologies to ensure efficiency and quality. After over 40 years, we have developed a lot of firsts, but we do not plan to slow down. We are responsible for many of the innovations you see in the market today:

  • The first stick pack design & delivery
  • The first shelf-stable consumer probiotic product
  • New analytical methods for Halal compliance, protein analysis, and more

Over 40,000 microbiological tests are performed each year by our in-house lab. Meanwhile, we continue to bring custom production equipment into our cGMP-certified facilities, like our new drum inverters for powder manufacturing or our new oral disintegrating tablet system.

We Help Customers Avoid Regulatory Issues

Regulatory compliance is one of the biggest hurdles businesses in custom supplement manufacturing face. But when you partner with Vitaquest, you have a team of regulatory experts by your side.

We will provide you with any raw material and product documentation you need to ensure your product complies with the regulations of the markets you plan to enter, including custom formula sheets, nutritional information, certificates of free sale, and regulatory statements. Very few manufacturers provide as much info as we do!

Do you want your product to be Non-GMO or Kosher-certified? We can help review your products to ensure they meet the standards for these certifications and more. We can also provide statements for GMO, allergen, WADA, BSE-TSE, GRAS, and SDS needs.

We Ensure Your Supplement Labels Are Accurate & Factual

For all products we manufacture, we provide supplement facts panels that comply with current U.S. regulatory requirements. Are the factual claims made on your supplement label (non-GMO, organic, or gluten-free) true? We have an expert team who reviews all labels we package to help guide you in the best way to market how you want, while also ensuring compliance with the regulations. After all, the label is the first thing your consumers will look at when they see your nutritional supplement on the shelf, so consumer trust is key to a successful product.

We Help Customers Protect Their Brand and Reputation

From strategizing and formulating to labeling and marketing, our main priority is protecting your brand and reputation. The spotlight is increasingly shining on nutritional products. Besides helping you comply with relevant laws and regulations, we also work to protect your business from making mistakes that could lead to class-action lawsuits or problems with retailers. This is why we take no shortcuts, constantly innovate, and place such a large focus on regulation and labeling.

When you partner with us for custom supplement manufacturing, we treat your product and brand with just as much care as if it were our own. With this approach, we have led the market for over four decades and have produced billions of capsule and tablet doses annually.

So, if you are looking to manufacture your own custom supplement or nutritional product, we encourage you to turn to a team that can help you safely, smoothly, and successfully develop the next big thing. Contact our experts here at Vitaquest for a nutraceutical manufacturing price quote to get started!

Terry Coyle - Chief Innovation Officer at Vitaquest International
Chief Innovation Officer

Terry Coyle, now serving as the Chief Innovation Officer at Vitaquest, previously held the position of Vice President for Product Development & Regulatory Affairs. With an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business, Terry boasts 28 years of experience within the company. Leading a team of over 20 scientists, flavorists, and regulatory experts, Terry’s remarkable leadership has driven the successful development and launch of an impressive portfolio of more than 12,500 products.

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