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Finished Product Assurance

Finished Product Assurance Ensuring flawless execution end-to-end

One of the promises Vitaquest makes to you is a high-quality product that will help build your reputation with consumers.

At Vitaquest, all finished products undergo chemical, physical, and microbiological testing prior to release. Compendial test methods and validated in-house procedures are used to ensure consistency and compliance.

All products are tested for potency using UPLC/HPLC, ICP-MS, and other methodologies.

Physical testing including USP disintegration, dissolution, physical appearance, and identification is conducted where required. In addition, the purity of all finished products Is confirmed via testing for heavy metals (ICP-MS), pesticides (LC/MS) and residual solvents, as well as microbiological testing.

The testing of finished products is conducted in comparison to established finished product specifications contained within a controlled data base which stipulates the label claims and acceptable ranges for each ingredient.

Certificates of Analysis (COA) are issued for each batch of finished product via a state-of-the-art Laboratory Information System (LIMS) listing the applicable laboratory testing that was conducted and the specifications used.

  • Full-service analytical and microbiological labs
  • 24 chemists, three PhDs, four microbiologists
  • In-house method development and validation services
  • Quantitative analytical capabilities
  • ICH Stability Studies via accelerated and long-term room temperature conditions
  • Working partnerships with leading universities and government agencies on new initiatives
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