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Supplement Seasonality – Holistic health and wellness displaces new year weight loss frenzy

A few days ago, as the weak, winter sun was setting at 4:30PM, Vitaquest’s Vice President of Product Development, Terry Coyle was remembering years past when this time of year meant a near-total focus on weight management supplements. The prevalent New Year’s resolution involving health and wellness was almost always a goal to lose weight and/or increase time spent doing fitness activities. To meet that demand, supplement makers and marketers would gear up with weight loss products and fitness regimes. But this year seems different as the pandemic and consumer sentiment have changed how we view health and wellness.

Shifting Toward Holistic Health

It’s not just Terry who has made this observation. The Natural Marketing Institute has recently published their 2022 Whole Living Consumer Database Report which shows that consumers are adding financial, emotion, and societal dimensions of their lives to a more holistic definition of wellness. As a result, quick fixes like fad diets and weight management supplements are less in-demand than in previous years.

Instead, Terry notes that immunity has become an issue consumers pay attention to all year and not just during the cold-weather months.  Similarly, stress and sleep have become increasingly important throughout the year. And because we all spend more time in front of screens, eye health has emerged as a consumer concern. As a result, Terry and his team have developed the skills to customize products offering bundles of benefits and help consumers with their combinations of issues.

Learning to Adapt

Because one of Vitaquest’s strengths is custom product design, Terry and his team are well versed in these consumer trends and know how to adapt and create products that offer differentiated value to consumers. So while this loss of seasonality in supplements may be something other manufacturers are beginning to manage, Vitaquest has been monitoring the market and adjusting products as the trends unfold.

So if you need an innovation partner who is well versed in consumer trends and how to deliver products that offer differentiated value, contact us today

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