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“Bringing this capability in-house, builds on our TotalQ™ commitment to quality, gives us the ability to broaden our product offerings, and helps our customers get to market faster. This is an important step for us, and we feel like it sets us apart from other companies in our industry.” Patrick Brueggman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Vitaquest
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Vitaquest Acquires former Pharmachem, MPT Powder Process Factory

Have you heard? Vitaquest acquired the fluid bed granulation, agglomeration & microencapsulation facility from Pharmachem Labs. I feel fortunate to have experienced 15 prosperous years of my career with Pharmachem and shared hundreds of hours at this Paterson, NJ facility, creating new and improved products in the pilot lab, scaling winning products for commercial production, and closing life-changing deals in the executive conference room.

Hear me out, this is not just another industry acquisition. With this expansion, Vitaquest becomes the undisputed leader in the dietary supplement, functional food & beverage development and commercialization business with vertically and horizontally integrated raw material sourcing, ingredient and intermediate processing, formulation, manufacturing, packaging, and 3PL inventory management, warehousing, and fulfillment services. Yup, you read that right, Vitaquest offers all these B2B and B2C services.

Patrick Brueggman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Vitaquest, says integrating this technology and manufacturing capability will be a great benefit to our customers. “Powder and particle engineering are important parts of creating the highest quality, most effective products and have long been a part of our manufacturing mix. Most companies in our industry outsource this highly specialized capability,” he said. “Bringing this capability in-house builds on our TotalQ™ commitment to quality, gives us the ability to broaden our product offerings, and helps our customers get to market faster. This is an important step for us, and we feel like it sets us apart from other companies in our industry.” Brueggman went on to say that the newly acquired facility will operate under the same industry-leading quality programs as our three existing facilities in New Jersey, USA.

Granulation, agglomeration, and microencapsulation processes are essential for powders to be transformed and modified to carry certain characteristics and hone specific powder properties such as uniform particle size, density, porosity, and moisture, which enables superior flow, compression, dispersion, mixability, sensory and other measurable quality and performance attributes for tablet, capsule and powder applications. I’m excited to help integrate these value-added capabilities with Vitaquest’s three other NJ facilities and Deliver What’s Next for our consumers and stakeholders.

Paterson, NJ has a rich history of innovation, technology, and manufacturing and we’re excited about the opportunity to be creative and take our customers to new places. The facility has been recognized as an industry-leading developer and manufacturer of specialty granulated, agglomerated, and microencapsulated ingredients since 1978 when it operated as Material Process Technologies Inc., famously known as MPT, before being acquired by Pharmachem in 2003. In 2023, we call it VQ Technologies, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vitaquest International. We are investing millions of dollars to further upgrade the plant over the next several months and expect to be operating commercially in Q1 2024. Hit me up anytime to learn more. Let’s innovate together!

Manufacturing Quality Supplements and Functional Foods for Over 45 years

Vitaquest has been delivering innovation in consumer products since 1977. Over the last 45-plus years we have established ourselves as one of the premier product development and manufacturing companies in the nutraceutical and functional food and beverage business. Today, we produce more than 4,000 custom formulas each year, serving more than 500 brands in 40 countries.

Gregory Drew, VP of Innovation for Vitaquest
Vice President of Innovation

Gregory Drew serves as Vice President, Innovation at Vitaquest International, and is responsible for technology creation, acquisition, and partnership strategies.  He has 25 years of manufacturing development, commercialization and integration experience in the nutraceutical industry, monetizing value-added ingredients, flavors, sweeteners, dietary supplements, functional foods, beverages, oral care and customer-specific product and process solutions.  With a technical and entrepreneurial background in botanical extraction, nutrient fermentation, excipient-free natural products and ingredient conversion technologies, he heads Vitaquest’s newest acquisition, VQ Technologies, an industry leading powder processing facility specializing in granulation, agglomeration, microencapsulation and liquid & powder blending.

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