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Particle and Powder Engineering Services Uniform Particle & Powder Engineering for Dietary Supplements, Flavors, Food & Beverages

Fluid Bed Process Technologies

Vitaquest Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of Vitaquest International, provides application-specific product development, pilot and commercial manufacturing solutions using fluid bed technology for granulation, agglomeration, microencapsulation, drying & blending of liquids and powder ingredients for nutraceuticals, functional foods & beverages.


Creates denser, more uniform particles from lighter, less uniform powders resulting in less dust and less caking with improved flow, compaction and compression properties for efficient tablet and capsule manufacturing.


Creates larger, porous powders from loose particles improving flow, performance and appearance of food, beverage and dietary supplement powders.


Creates a barrier coating on particles resulting in powders with modified physical, sensory, stability, release and performance characteristics designed to solve a specific problem challenge.


Enables uniform powders with specified moisture and water activity levels every time.

VQ Technologies can help you produce uniform ingredients, intermediates & blends with targeted physical specifications (particle size, density and moisture) and functional performance goals (compression, solubility, flow, taste, dispersion, release). Reach out to us and let’s get started today!

Benefits of VQ Technologies:

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    Powder uniformity
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    Manufacturing consistency
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    Easier to handle
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    Easier to transport
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    Easier filling
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    Less dusting
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    Taste masking
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    Clean label
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    End-to-end Quality
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    Product differentiation
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    Improved performance
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