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Topic: July 2023

vitaquest supplement manufacturer headquarters

Vitaquest Delivering What’s Next in Career Opportunities

The process of recruiting new employees over the last few years has changed dramatically. With the onset of the pandemic, the priorities of prospective job candidates have evolved as people started putting more of a focus on work-life balance, their overall well-being and mental health. The hybrid/remote style of work gained a lot of popularity, but as the country has moved out of the pandemic things have somewhat returned to how things were. One thing that has not changed is how employers attract top talent and retain employees once they are hired.

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taurine capsules and powdered supplements in a scoop

Why is Consumer Demand for Taurine Supplements on the Rise?

Taurine is garnishing much attention in the news lately due to a recent study published in Science Magazine (Singh, 2023) touting its biological importance in anti-aging. It’s making some assumptions about human biology as taurine levels have been shown to decline with age, but taurine has been on the dietary supplement scene since its discovery in 1846.

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