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Delve into the trends shaping the nutraceutical landscape in 2024, providing a professional perspective on the industry’s trajectory. Stay informed and ahead of the curve with these distinguished experts.

Vitaquest Experts Share Insights on 2024 Trends with NutraIngredients-USA

Commercial Innovation Leader and Registered Dietitian Lauren Samot and Senior Vice President of Market Development Jon Weisgal joined host Danielle Masterson on the NutraIngredients-USA Nutracast Podcast to share their thoughts on the trends that are going to shape the nutraceutical industry in 2024.

In a wide-ranging conversation, Samot and Weisgal talked about what’s trending in:

Personalized Nutrition Trends

During their conversation, Masterson said that consumers are moving away from a one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition, and asked Samot where the industry is when it comes to personalized vitamins:


Sports Nutrition Trends

Asked about the top trends in the sports nutrition segment of the market, Weisgal said the industry has transitioned to active lifestyle nutrition – sports nutrition without a sport. He also discussed creatine and how it supports healthy muscle growth and promotes anti-aging benefits before sharing his perspective on plant protein:


Beauty from Within Trends

When the conversation turned to the Beauty from Within category, Samot said that beauty routines have become more of a “less is more” approach, with consumers focusing more on health, the quality of their skin, and looking natural. She also said that those ingredients trending in the Beauty from Within category are those that consumers can see a tangible benefit. Weisgal then added that consumers want to see those benefits relatively quickly:


Social Media’s Impact on the Dietary Supplement Industry

Finishing the conversation, Samot discussed the growing impact social media has on the industry’s direction, as it plays a big part in disseminating information to consumers. Brands now have a greater ability to reach these savvier consumers across numerous platforms. She then discussed what she believes will be one of the bigger trends this year:


Ready to Learn More About 2024 Nutraceutical Industry Trends?

Our experts have been instrumental in helping hundreds of clients develop and bring high-quality nutraceutical products to the market. Listen to the NutraCast podcast for Lauren and Jon’s valuable insights.

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