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Summer 2024 will see increased demand for hydration, skin health, weight management, and joint health supplements due to more outdoor activities. The industry trends towards plant-based options, transparent ingredient sourcing, and sustainable packaging. Manufacturers should adapt their products and marketing to align with these seasonal demands and consumer preferences.
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Summer Supplement Trends 2024

Types of Supplements in High Demand for Summer 2024

With the changing of seasons into the summer months, consumer preferences for specific types of summer supplements also change. This change is based on people spending more time outdoors being active and wearing lighter and more revealing clothing. The types of supplements for summer 2024 that will be in greater demand include those for hydration support, skin health, weight management, and joint health.


Hydration Support Supplements

Hydration supplements have been significantly trending for a few years now. According to Future Market Insights, the global hydration supplement market is estimated to reach $36 billion in 2024 and projected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.9%, reaching $82.7 billion by 2034[1]. With summer approaching, consumers will be spending more time outdoors for recreation and fitness.

So, what are hydration supplements?

Hydration supplements are specially designed to combat dehydration, particularly as outdoor activities rise, leading to increased perspiration and the subsequent need for replenishing electrolytes. The surge in demand for supplements containing essential minerals like sodium, potassium, and magnesium is inevitable, alongside well-crafted formulations supporting energy, endurance, performance, and recovery. With numerous nutraceutical choices available, savvy brand owners will navigate these options and collaborate with a contract supplement manufacturer to craft a distinctive formula that distinguishes itself in the market.


Skin Health Supplements

With the warm weather of Summer, people will be going to the beach and wearing shorts and tee shirts. However, increased skin exposure also heightens the risk of sun damage. Consequently, this season has seen a notable uptick in consumer interest in supplements promoting skin protection.

The global skincare supplements market, valued at $3.55 billion in 2023, is anticipated to maintain a steady growth trajectory, projecting an 8.0% compound annual growth rate from 2024 to 2030.[2]

When formulating a skin health supplement for your brand, you may wish to incorporate antioxidants like lycopene, beta-carotene, vitamin E, and selenium to help mitigate UV-induced skin aging[3] and improve overall skin appearance[4]. Likewise, supplementation with astaxanthin has been shown to provide antioxidant protection[5], improve skin dryness and wrinkles[6] and support some measures of younger-looking skin[7].


Weight Management Supplements

The prospect of wearing less clothing in the Summer, including bathing suits, tends to motivate people to lose weight and get in better shape to improve their physical appearance. Not surprisingly, the use of weight management supplements focusing on metabolism support and appetite control will increase in popularity. This is supported by the global weight loss supplement market size was valued at $29.96 billion in 2023 and is projected to grow a CAGR of 13.70% from 2024 to 2030[8].

There is a plethora of nutraceuticals to choose from when formulating a weight management product for your brand. Some nutraceuticals of particular interest for these applications include Black ginger (Kaempferia parviflora) extract for burning abdominal fat[9] [10] [11], carob and Opuntia cladodes for appetite control[12] [13] [14] [15], Akkermansia muciniphila for fat mass and metabolic markers[16] [17], and Cuminum cyminum L. (cumin), Mentha longifolia L. (horse mint) and Olea europaea L. (olive) leaf, and Alchemilla vulgaris L. (lady’s mantle) for promoting weight loss[18] [19] [20] [21]. 


Joint Health Supplements 

An increase in physical activity outdoors during the summer is common. Likewise, it is common to place more stress upon joints as a result, which may lead to some level of discomfort. Consequently, supplements supporting joint health may be in demand. A reflection of this is the global bone and joint health supplements market size which was estimated at $3.90 billion in 2023 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.26% from 2024 to 2030[22] 

If you’re looking to create a joint health supplement for your brand, or upgrade an existing formula, consider any of the following key nutraceuticals: Turmeric (curcumin) [23] [24] water-soluble eggshell membrane[25], type 2 collagen[26], β-caryophyllene[27], and old-time favorites like glucosamine/chondroitin and omega-3 fatty acids. 


Trends in Dietary Supplement Manufacturing 

Trends in dietary supplement manufacturing include plant-based supplements (discussed below), transparency, and sustainability.  

Regarding transparency, consumers (especially the younger generations) want to know exactly what is in their supplements and would prefer to see actual milligram amounts for each ingredient rather than seeing them listed as a total amount in a proprietary blend.  

Consumers also prefer the use of materials from sustainable sources that are eco-friendly. This might include plant-based containers made from sugarcane stalks. This is a renewable HDPE bioplastic, production of which is about 97% carbon neutral. One other benefit of these containers is that they are 100% recyclable and can be fed into the material cycle together with other HDPE materials as it is classified as a #2 recyclable. These plant-based supplement packaging options can be requested from your contract manufacturer 


Plant-based Supplements 

Plant-based supplements are gaining in popularity. This includes the obvious, such as plant-based proteins, but also common nutrients like vitamin D3, which is typically derived from a laboratory conversion process using sheep’s wool lanolin but can also be extracted from a plant lichen. Likewise, melatonin can be extracted from plant sources like tomato and St. John’s wort as an alternative to standard synthetic melatonin.  

Speaking of plant-based proteins, there are a few best practices to consider regarding their flavoring.  

First, choose flavors that are appropriate for the plant-based materials (e.g., chocolate and vanilla for protein powders, berry and citrus for greens, etc.).  

Second, you may want to consider using MCTs or other natural materials that can provide a creamy mouthfeel to counter the chalkiness of some plant proteins like pea protein. In addition, don’t use artificial/GMO flavors. 

Now consider that the global vegan supplements market size was estimated at $8.42 billion in 2023 and is anticipated to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.30% from 2024 to 2030. The growing number of people adopting plant-based diets is a primary driver for market growth.[28]  


Quality Control in Warm Conditions 

During the summer, warmer temperatures can impact the stability of raw materials and finished goods stored at contract manufacturing facilities. Consequently, it is advisable to choose a contract manufacturer whose storage area for raw materials and finished goods is temperature-controlled. To be clear, not all facilities have temperature-controlled storage. The entire Vitaquest manufacturing facility is temperature-controlled, including the area where raw materials and finished goods are stored. 

But what happens once your products leave your contract manufacturer and are sent to a distribution facility? That depends entirely on the distribution facility. For example, if you sell your supplements on Amazon, the warehouses in which they store dietary supplements may reach temperatures as high as 155° F during the summer months. Some supplements simply won’t stand up to that high level of heat. They may lose potency and the heat may speed up oxidation which can have a negative impact on taste and smell. In this case, you may wish to have your products stored at a separate, temperature-controlled facility that sells products using the Amazon platform, but not stored at Amazon facilities 


Seasonal Marketing 

As with other industries, it is important to tailor your marketing strategies to align with summer themes and health goals. Highlighting the seasonal benefits of specific supplements in marketing campaigns may attract consumer attention. Consequently, a focus on more outdoor activities and lighter/more revealing clothing, along with related demand for hydration support, skin health, weight management, and joint health can improve consumer outcomes. 


Refreshing and Convenient Formats 

In consideration of the warmer weather, there might be a preference for supplements in convenient and/or refreshing formats, such as effervescent tablets or powders that can be easily mixed into a drink. These products may be in addition to your existing capsule product line, or you may already have these products and just need to emphasize their availability during the summer season.  


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How big is the US supplement market? 

In 2023, the market size of the vitamin and supplement market was $40.9 billion, an increase of 2.2% over the previous year. Over the past few years, the market has grown by 1.3% on average.[29] 


Vitaquest Can Help You Custom Manufacture Summer Supplements! 

As summer approaches, individuals naturally gravitate towards outdoor activities and wearing lighter attire. This shift underscores a heightened demand for supplements catering to hydration support, skin health, weight management, and joint care. To meet these evolving needs, it’s important for supplement brand owners, like you, to offer meticulously formulated products tailored to the season’s demands.  

With over 45 years of supplement contract manufacturing expertise, Vitaquest is primed to help you create premium dietary supplements customized not just for summer, but for year-round wellness, too! Call 800-526-9095 to speak with one of our knowledgeable sales executives or request a nutraceutical manufacturing price quote for your project. We look forward to helping you Deliver What’s Next in capsule, tablet, and powder supplement manufacturing! 



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Lauren Samot, Commercial Innovation Leader at Vitaquest
Samot, RD
Commercial Innovation Leader

With over 7 years at Vitaquest, Lauren Samot’s journey from Technical Services Associate to her current role as Commercial Innovation Leader exemplifies her dedication and growth. Leading the innovation team, she fuels business expansion through collaborative efforts across sales, product development, and operations. With a decade-long career in nutraceuticals, Lauren excels in manufacturing, raw materials, and product development. A Vitaquest Proud Champion Award recipient, she holds a B.S. in Nutritional Science with a minor in Public Health from Boston University and is an accomplished Registered Dietitian and member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

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