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This collaboration between Vitaquest and the dietary supplement seller showcases a success story of how overcoming challenges through smart and carefully planned solutions can lead to better gains.
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From Quality Struggles to Amazon Triumph – A Vitaquest Customer Success Story

How Vitaquest Helped a Successful Supplement Brand Overcome Product Quality Challenges & Grow on Amazon

In Amazon’s increasingly competitive dietary supplement category, one brand owner managed to stand out. They offered one of the highest doses of Berberine per serving in their product. The product gained immense popularity. Their success and unit movement were mainly rooted in positive online reviews. However, it became increasingly difficult for the supplement brand owner to scale production and keep up with the increasing demand. Continue reading to learn how Vitaquest expertly manufactured a high-quality, market- ready dietary supplement and implemented several customized solutions intended to help our client always maintain healthy stock levels.

Challenges Faced by the Client

Berberine HCl is a natural dye. It is a deep yellow color and dusty, which makes it a difficult material to encapsulate, especially with other impactful ingredients. The owner of the company informed us their customers were pretty discerning. Even the smallest perceived changes could cause them to abandon their brand and purchase from a competitor.

The dietary supplement brand needed a contract manufacturer that could meet Amazon’s general requirements for listing supplements on the marketplace, adhere to industry standards, and provide consistent formulation at scale. It required services such as supplying a Certificate of Analysis (COA) from a cGMP-compliant laboratory and nutritional labeling standards for dietary supplements.

Let’s look at the challenges the client faced:

  • Reliable sourcing of Berberine HCl: The client wanted a trustworthy source of Berberine HCl that met label claims and could be tested using validated methodologies, in combination with other components of the formula.
  • Aesthetic consistency: The product needed to look consistent in particle size and shade of yellow to attain a consistent aesthetic appeal.
  • Dust-free capsules: The client wanted to ensure the capsules remained dust-free and the cotton in the packaging retained its white appearance. The client contacted Vitaquest to address these challenges and determine the best way they could continue delivering high-quality products on Amazon. Vitaquest’s 45+ years of supplement contract manufacturing expertise aligned well with the client’s requirements:
  • Quality and volume consistency: Vitaquest offered a solution that prioritized consistency in product quality and volume. This was important because even a small change could trigger customers to purchase from the competition
  • Amazon’s strict requirements: The Vitaquest team could meet Amazon’s stringent requirements for listing supplements. Vitaquest provided a COA from our in-house laboratory that adhered to the cGMPs, fulfilled nutritional labelling standards for dietary supplements, and ensured compliance with cGMP for HARPC for human food.

The Solutions Implemented by Vitaquest

  • Proper Berberine sourcing: Vitaquest took on the task of identifying the right kind of Berberine. The most suitable type would match the client’s expectations of chemical and physical properties.
  • Proper blending: Using the proper powder blending equipment helped us maintain the integrity of the product while also getting a robust blend and distribution of active ingredients.
  • Managing tough material properties: Berberine HCl’s deep yellow color and dusty consistency make it difficult to encapsulate. It was better to get a granular Berberine material to streamline encapsulation efficiency and cleanliness. Vitaquest ensured that the ingredient’s quality and form made the process of putting it into capsules smoother and cleaner.
  • Refining mechanics: Carefully adjusting the equipment was the key to overcoming the challenges of dust and residue. Vitaquest implemented changes to its high-speed, high-efficiency equipment to customize their solution for the client. These fine-tuned adjustments optimized the blending process, improving product quality and ensured that the capsules were clean and didn’t have yellow dust on them.
  • Mechanical precision: Vitaquest’s knowledge and skills were truly highlighted when the machines worked more efficiently. These changes improved the mixing process, resulting in a top-notch product.

The Results We Delivered

Vitaquest demonstrated its prowess as an experienced and reliable supplement manufacturer by delivering the following results to our client:

  • Timely delivery and uncompromised quality: The client now receives their product promptly and is able to keep up with the purchasing behavior of their customers.
  • Amazon-compliant products: We supplied the client with all the documentation needed to comply with Amazon’s requirements for listing supplements for sale on the marketplace.
  • Futuristic growth: The client is confident that their product sales would continue to rise in 2023-24 and beyond. Although the product has undergone some changes, their customers continue to purchase it and the positive product reviews continue to come in.

The collaboration between Vitaquest and the dietary supplement seller showcases a success story of how overcoming challenges through smart and carefully planned solutions can lead to better gains. Vitaquest emerged as a reliable supplement manufacturer that helped improve the product’s quality, consistency, and scalability while maintaining its position as a successful and high-selling supplement product on Amazon.

How Can Vitaquest Help You Deliver What’s Next?

For over 45 years, Vitaquest has helped thousands of dietary supplement companies overcome complex manufacturing and logistical challenges like the ones shared in this customer success story.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an established brand, our strategic and collaborative approach to supplement manufacturing can help you expand your capacity, reduce costs, and bring a high-quality product to the market faster than the competition.

Ready to deliver what’s next in the nutraceuticals industry? Call 800-526-9095 to speak with one of our knowledgeable and friendly sales executives or request a manufacturing price quote.

Regina FitzPatrick Vitaquest Director Client Services
Director of Client Services

Regina FitzPatrick, Director of Client Services at Vitaquest, leads a dedicated team in delivering exceptional customer service. With an extraordinary track record, she has impressively earned the Vitaquest Proud Champion Award three times. Regina brings a wealth of knowledge to her role, holding a Master of Science in Nutrition & Food Science, which further enhances her ability to support our clients effectively.

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