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How Vitaquest Is Improving Custom Powder Manufacturing

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A critical aspect of our continued success here at Vitaquest is our unique ability to identify new ways of integrating innovative technology into our already-robust nutraceutical manufacturing processes. You got a sneak peek of this last month when we introduced our new ODT system. But our commitment to innovative technology has not stopped there. Our latest advancement will revolutionize our custom powder manufacturing process by ensuring that powders, tablets, and other supplements are manufactured efficiently, cleanly, and safely.

Introducing Vitaquest’s New PL-500 Drum Inverters

In early 2022, we completed the installation of two new PL-500 Drum Inverters at our 100 Jefferson manufacturing facility. These pharmaceutical-grade machines boast a max capacity of 500 pounds and feature an adjustable mechanical position locking system as well as a stainless-steel discharge cone.

But how exactly can they help us improve our custom powder manufacturing process? When we are manufacturing your custom supplement, whether it is a new protein powder or vitamin tablet, we mix the ingredients in giant drums that can hold hundreds of pounds at a time. Transferring the product out of the drums can be a little tricky. Simply “dumping” the drum creates clouds of dust that not only make a mess in the manufacturing facility but threaten custom products with cross-contamination.

On the other hand, our drum inverters allow our manufacturing team to carry out a clean and secure transfer of your powdered supplement product. The inverter carefully releases the product into a receiving vessel or container, leaving the area clean and dust-free. Our team can even control the flow of the release with custom valves. Transferring your product is more efficient, cleaner, and safer for everyone involved.


Enhancing the Power of Powders

Here at Vitaquest, we currently produce over 5 million retail units of powdered nutritional products every year, and we are the leading powdered protein manufacturer in the sports nutrition industry. With so many products in the market and the pipeline, it is vital that we continuously improve our custom powder manufacturing process so that our customers can receive the highest quality products available.

These new inverters are FDA-approved and will provide time savings and a safer, more consistent approach to our custom powder manufacturing process. We have already seen our overall output increase by 10%-15%. When paired with our other advancements in the works, we are confident that this number will only grow.

Our desire to improve is never satisfied, and it is this mindset on which our company has built its legacy. We look forward to sharing more news with everyone as we continue to invest in our future and show the world what it means to “Deliver What’s Next” in the nutraceutical industry. We invite you to join us on this journey of innovation.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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