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How our Family Business Has Grown

It’s easy to think of manufacturing companies as faceless corporations but Vitaquest’s Director of Human Resources Dawn Sobieski tells a different story about Vitaquest. According to Dawn, Vitaquest began in the founder’s garage as he and his family launched a business to provide much-needed supplement manufacturing capability to a growing dietary supplements market. The family leveraged their network of friends to establish a sales force and Vitaquest was born.

“From the very beginning, the business emphasized communication and co-worker respect”, says Dawn. As the business and the work force grew, employee engagement was always top of mind. As a family business, the founder wanted his family and, by extension, all the employees to be proud of where they worked.

The Growth of Vitaquest

Over the years, Vitaquest has grown into one of the leading turnkey nutritional manufacturing companies in the world, offering not only manufacturing but formulation, supplement packaging, and, vital during this age of e-commerce, nutraceutical warehousing & fulfillment. But the company has never lost sight of its humble history. The family atmosphere has remained a cherished piece of Vitaquest’s culture through its expansion.

When it came time for the founder to move on, the buyer was intentional in selecting a leadership team that would honor the family business and maintain a philosophy of employee engagement. And to ensure a smooth transition, the founder stayed with the business to make sure the business remained strong, and the employees were comfortable with the changes. While change is inevitable, providing reassurances along the way helps manage the uncertainty and improves satisfaction, which translates into productivity.

Vitaquest’s Legacy

That legacy of a respectful workplace has continued and is actively nurtured through initiatives like the PROUD Champion awards, which were initiated by Vitaquest’s current CEO, Pat Brueggman. These awards recognize annual business accomplishments and everyday kindnesses. The company also recognizes years of service and this years’ service awards included a Vitaquest veteran with 30 years of service.

Dawn, who has been with the business for about 5 years said, “Seeing so many employees with long tenures made me feel more secure about my decision to come to work for Vitaquest. I saw it as a testament to how the company was being run.”

So, if you want to work with a company that continues their family business legacy with an engaged workforce that knows how to get things done, contact us today.

VP, Digital Marketing

Meet Andrew Goldman, the Vice President of Digital Marketing at Vitaquest, with 18 years of digital marketing expertise. A Google Ads and Google Analytics Certified professional, Andrew continues to enhance Vitaquest’s online presence and is leading the company into a new era of digital success. His collaborative efforts of refining the content marketing strategy have led to elevated internal analytics, contributing to remarkable growth.

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