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Increasing the Odds of New Product Success: An Interview with Our Product Experts

As most innovators will tell you, the odds of success in new supplement product launches tend to be discouragingly low. It’s a wonder that these tireless individuals keep at it. And yet they do and with enthusiasm as Terry Coyle and David Ohl will tell you whenever they get a minute to catch their breath in between projects. Terry and David also have a fair bit of experience under their belts which is why they have earned the reputation of folks who can increase those odds.

What Makes a Successful Supplement Product?

According to Terry and David, one of the key factors driving an increase in the odds of success is creating shared goals with collaborators. Because Vitaquest creates and manufacturers custom nutraceutical products, they have a shared goal of developing products that will provide value to consumers and generate repeat sales. Unlike consultants who don’t need to generate product sales and typical contract manufacturers who are satisfied with a one-time order, Vitaquest wants customers whose new products stay on the market for the long haul, as that is the foundation for success in the supplement industry… for both our customers and Vitaquest.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Vitaquest has the innovation reputation that attracts functional ingredient suppliers so Vitaquest is always on the cutting edge of what’s going to be next in the market. And Vitaquest’s understanding of the consumer and the market helps drive success by guiding collaborators through important distribution and pricing decisions. Taken together, these capabilities make rolling the dice on new products less of a gamble. With our experience, we can act as a ‘safety net’ for our customers to help ensure they launch the perfect product in their desired market.

Why You Should Turn to Vitaquest

According to Terry, providing a full spectrum of services from technical to marketing and sales makes Vitaquest an ideal, agile partner that boosts the chances of success for new products.  Wherever a supplement customer is on their new product journey, Vitaquest can enhance the process and help drive for the best outcome. And David adds to that insight by highlighting the speed to market customers can gain when they partner with a vitamin supplement manufacturer like Vitaquest who shares their goals.

So, if you’re considering launching a new product and want to increase your odds of success, reach out to Terry and David so they can tell you more about how Vitaquest can help.

VP, Digital Marketing

Meet Andrew Goldman, the Vice President of Digital Marketing at Vitaquest, with 18 years of digital marketing expertise. A Google Ads and Google Analytics Certified professional, Andrew continues to enhance Vitaquest’s online presence and is leading the company into a new era of digital success. His collaborative efforts of refining the content marketing strategy have led to elevated internal analytics, contributing to remarkable growth.

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