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Vitaquest’s dedication to sustainable practices led to the successful qualification for an Industrial Energy Assessment.
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Vitaquest Qualifies for Industrial Energy Assessment: A Step Towards Further Sustainability

Vitaquest Proud to Announce its Latest Sustainability Effort

In the pursuit of sustainable practices, Vitaquest, a leading supplement manufacturing company, has taken a proactive approach by applying for and qualifying to receive an Industrial Energy Assessment. This assessment, sponsored by the US Department of Energy, aims to identify and improve energy efficiency, waste minimization, and productivity within Vitaquest’s manufacturing sites. In this blog article, we will explore the significance of this assessment, the involvement of esteemed mechanical engineering teams, and the anticipated benefits that align with Vitaquest’s commitment to sustainability.

What is an Industrial Energy Assessment?

An Industrial Energy Assessment (IEA) is an in-depth evaluation of a plant site’s energy consumption patterns and processes. Its primary objective is to uncover potential areas for energy efficiency improvements, waste minimization, and productivity enhancement. By thoroughly examining various aspects of energy usage, the assessment aims to identify opportunities for cost reduction, energy conservation, and the reduction of carbon footprint.

The IEA Process at Vitaquest

Vitaquest’s dedication to sustainable practices led to the successful qualification for an Industrial Energy Assessment. The assessment process comprises two key stages: an initial survey and a comprehensive site visit. Two teams of mechanical engineers, students and their professors from renowned institutions, Lehigh University and Rutgers University, were involved in conducting the assessment across all three Vitaquest facilities.

During the survey phase, the assessment teams gather vital data and information to better understand Vitaquest’s energy consumption patterns, production processes, and potential areas for improvement. This phase involves collaboration with Vitaquest’s staff, who provide valuable insights into operations and share Vitaquest’s sustainability goals.

The two-day site visit involved extensive engineering measurements and data collection. The assessment teams analyze this data to generate detailed recommendations aimed at maximizing energy efficiency, reducing waste, and improving productivity. These recommendations factor in costs, performance metrics, and estimated payback periods.

Confidential Report and Benefits

The output of the Industrial Energy Assessment is a confidential report provided to Vitaquest. This report identifies specific opportunities for energy savings, waste reduction, and cost optimization, all while contributing to a reduced carbon footprint. The recommendations within the report will serve as a roadmap for Vitaquest to enhance its sustainability efforts and achieve its goals.

By implementing the recommendations outlined in the report, Vitaquest will not only reduce its environmental impact but also enhance its operational efficiency. This commitment to sustainability aligns with Vitaquest’s core values and its dedication to delivering high-quality products while minimizing its carbon footprint.

Vitaquest’s Commitment to Sustainability

Vitaquest has long been committed to sustainability efforts, continuously seeking ways to improve and reduce its carbon footprint. The qualification and participation in the Industrial Energy Assessment further demonstrate the company’s dedication to responsible manufacturing practices. By investing time, resources, and collaboration with esteemed engineering teams, Vitaquest is taking tangible steps towards a more sustainable future.

As Vitaquest moves forward with the implementation of the assessment’s recommendations, it will not only benefit the company’s bottom line but also contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

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Sr. Manager Environmental Health & Safety

Dan Franzen is a Senior Manager in the Environmental, Health & Safety Department, ensuring regulatory compliance, sustainability initiatives, clean and hygienic work environments, and improved safe working conditions. With notable accomplishments such as directing the implementation of an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and reducing TRIR ratings, Daniel holds credentials including OSHA 30 Hour Training completion and certification as a Lead Auditor for ISO 14001 from the Center for Energy and Environmental Management (CEEM). Affiliated with Building Owners & Managers Institute International as a Facilities Management Administrator.

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