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What’s Behind the Raw Materials


What is a Spec Sheet?

If you didn’t know any better, you would think that a specification sheet (spec sheet for short) for a nutraceutical ingredient is a pretty tame document. It shows the name of the raw materials, the materials’ chemical and physical characteristics, etc. It doesn’t look very exciting on its face. But, with the proper expertise, that spec sheet (along with a sample of the material) can come alive in a variety of finished products.  By knitting together a range of cross-functional expertise, a boring spec sheet can turn a customer’s product idea into a reality.

Bringing Your Spec Sheet to Life

According to Jon Weisgal, Senior VP of Market Development for Vitaquest, that cross-functional expertise includes product development, analytical chemistry, regulatory & safety, and procurement just to name a few. The seasoned professionals at Vitaquest in these various functions can evaluate a raw materials spec sheet with its companion sample and know whether that material will add value to a finished product or not. When a customer approaches Vitaquest with an idea for a new supplement product, Vitaquest immediately employs their experience, vendor relationships, and manufacturing expertise to guide the customer towards a finished product. And because Vitaquest excels at making customized products, they leverage these competencies to generate over 700 new products each year.

Vitaquest also understands the market environment and consumer value propositions so that they can provide an accurate quote and get started fine tuning the finished product without extensive trial-and-error machinations. That agility and flexibility can drive product success even in trying times such as these where supply chain disruptions can derail product new launches. Industry veterans like Jon have the vendor relationships to weather these storms and reliably deliver customer orders.

And reliable deliveries are increasingly important as consumer demand continues to grow and innovative products are winning in the market. Consumers can confidently purchase supplements knowing that they will be available for re-orders when the consumer is ready.

So, if you are looking to work with a supplement manufacturer who bring a spec sheet to life in your finished product, contact us today.

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