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Demand for fibers, greens and vegan sources of protein, including pea protein, continue to remain popular. Probiotics (friendly bacteria and other healthful microorganisms that confer benefits to the human body) remain high in demand. Also trending is consumer interest in pre- and postbiotics.

2023 Trends in the Nutraceuticals Market

The state of the nutraceuticals industry is strong because millions of people rely on supplements to help them achieve their overall health goals. As we look ahead to 2023 to see what’s next, numerous trends are converging that will help to drive continued growth in the market.

People are more focused on self-care than ever before. In fact, the self-care market is estimated to be $450 billion strong.[1] When individuals have a health issue, they often take matters into their own hands and start researching online for a product that will help them. They are reading labels more, so that they know the exact contents in the products they are taking. They want proof that the supplements they choose will actually work. They are investigating ingredients in search of those that they perceive as healthy, or clean. They also want to buy products currently in demand among health-conscious consumers, such as organic and vegetarian supplements.

Once they decide what supplements they want, finding them is easier than ever. There is a growing number of supplement companies that are highly active on social media. They are educating consumers about the benefits of all types of nutraceutical supplements and are successfully engaging people with their company and products. Social media channels such as Instagram and TikTok appeal to younger consumers, and marketers can reach thousands of them with targeted messaging for minimal investment. The younger generation wants information fast and simple, and pragmatic nutraceutical companies are reaching them with relatable messaging. Meanwhile, nutraceutical companies are getting a helping hand from social media influencers who tout the benefits of nutraceutical supplements to their followers.

Popular Supplements for 2023

Consumer interest in enhancing cognitive abilities and physical performance will continue to drive nutraceutical sales in the coming year. Focus on immune health, which grew dramatically during the pandemic, will also continue to influence consumer purchasing in 2023. Zinc, elderberry, beta-glucans, and vitamins with improved bioavailability that support a healthy immune system are all expected to be in demand.

Interest in women’s health products—and all gender-specific supplemental products—is on the rise. Women and men are now more focused on taking products that help build their beauty from within, that improve their health, and that can help combat the signs of aging.

Demand for fibers, greens, and vegan sources of protein, including pea protein, continues to remain popular. Probiotics (friendly bacteria and other healthful microorganisms that confer benefits to the human body) remain high in demand. Also trending is consumer interest in pre- and postbiotics. Prebiotics such as inulin and certain fibers provide nourishment for probiotic bacteria. Postbiotics such as short-chain fatty acids are metabolites that probiotic bacteria create in your gut. Together, they all introduce unique health benefits.

Probiotic ingredients are delicate, fragile, and must be processed under strict temperature and humidity control from start to finish. This is one of Vitaquest’s many strengths. At our onsite, state-of-the-art laboratory, we test probiotics at all stages. We are experts at formulating and manufacturing probiotics to deliver their labeled potency throughout the product’s shelf life. Capsules and tablets are the traditional dosage forms for probiotics, but today’s consumer wants to experience their supplements more – they want to be part of a brand and they want unique flavors that help them to enjoy their supplements. They want to take things direct-to-mouth that taste good and that help them satisfy their fix for sweets in healthy ways. We work with our customers, welcoming them into our lab to taste different versions of their supplements. They tell us directly if they want it sweeter, less sweet – and even what ingredients they would like us to use to sweeten the product. It is a unique process that sets us apart from our competitors. One of the many reasons why our customers always come back to us is because we can create customized products that respond to exactly what consumers want.

Customization is King

Capsules and tablets remain popular delivery systems for nutraceutical supplements, and over the coming year, the market will be driven by increased customization. Right now, there is a big move toward natural coloring. Tablets can be colored using vegetables, rather than artificial colors, and there are now capsule shells manufactured with natural colors instead of artificial dyes.

There is also greater interest in making supplements more personal. Nutraceutical marketers can put their logo on capsules, introduce custom colors to match their branding, or create natural-looking tablets to align with their organization’s focus on the environment.

Supplement industry innovators come to Vitaquest when they have science-backed ingredients and delivery systems that they want us to bring to life. We in turn present those novel ingredients and concepts to our forward-thinking customers. In our 45 years, we have seen how ingredients and products can change rapidly based on shifting consumer preferences. The ability to adapt to emerging trends is one of Vitaquest’s major strengths. While we are a large organization, we are nimble and always ready to adapt to help you succeed.

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[1] IRI, “Taking Charge: Consumers Grabbing Hold of Their Health and Wellness Drives $450 Billion Industry,” 2022,, Accessed 6 December 2022.

Commercial Innovation Leader

With over 7 years at Vitaquest, Lauren Samot’s journey from Technical Services Associate to her current role as Commercial Innovation Leader exemplifies her dedication and growth. Leading the innovation team, she fuels business expansion through collaborative efforts across sales, product development, and operations. With a decade-long career in nutraceuticals, Lauren excels in manufacturing, raw materials, and product development. A Vitaquest Proud Champion Award recipient, she holds a B.S. in Nutritional Science with a minor in Public Health from Boston University and is an accomplished Registered Dietitian and member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

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