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Discover Stick Packs: Convenient & Consumer-Friendly Packaging

There’s no nutraceutical packaging more popular right now than stick packs. They offer a convenience that bottles, tubs, and canisters simply cannot. Consumers on the go can toss them into their bags before work or easily fit them into their carry-on while they travel. There’s no measuring out portions, filling containers, or cleaning up spilled powder. Whether consumers are heading back to the office or exploring the world following COVID, they can stay on track with their vitamin regimen even when they’re far from home.

What Are Stick Packs?

Stick packs are flexible pouches that hold a single serving of a powdered, liquid, or granular product. They get their name from their long, tall, and narrow shape. These pouches are made from an easy-to-tear film so that consumers can tear off the top of the packet and empty the perfect portion of their product. In nutraceuticals, stick packs often hold powdered supplements like collagen, vitamins, or probiotics. But stick packs are also used for food products like hot cocoa, pharmaceuticals, and beauty products like lotion or shampoo.

Stick packs are still a relatively new method of packaging. They didn’t become commonplace in American nutraceutical manufacturing until the 1990s. But despite their brief history, the packaging has made quite the economic impact, bringing millions of dollars to the economy. The stick pack market is expected to rise to $1.75 billion by 2026. The rise in demand for stick packaging for single-serve in nutraceuticals is expected to drive the growth of the global market as the trend toward health and fitness spreads amongst consumers. So how can your nutraceutical company benefit from the explosive growth in the popularity of stick packs?

The Benefits of Stick Packs

Stick packs are not only the most consumer-friendly form of packaging available. They’re also one of the most cost-effective packaging methods for manufacturers and one of the easiest ways to get your brand seen by consumers.

  • They’re small and lightweight. They can fit in a purse, a gym bag, or a carry-on.
  • They’re perfectly portioned. They offer consumers single-portion sizes. No confusing measurements, storage, or messy cleanup.
  • They have a long shelf life. Because they’re sealed from moisture, they can keep the product fresh longer than tubs or bottles can.
  • They’re cost-effective. Consumers are more likely to opt for stick packs because they’re more affordable than full-size portions. And they don’t have to worry about waste! Meanwhile, you can also lower your manufacturing costs by opting for stick pack packaging.
  • They encourage new customers. They provide the perfect opportunity for wary customers to try out your product before purchasing a large portion.
  • They’re sustainable. Here at Vitaquest, we’re committed to sustainability. Stick pack manufacturing uses less material than traditional pouches. Some packaging can even be recycled.
  • They are customizable. Stick packs can be customized to your brand style. Choose any colors, fonts, or imagery that will capture a consumer’s attention!

Stick Pack Packaging with Vitaquest

As we continue to deliver what’s next, the future of stick packs looks bright, with John Mencarini, our VP of Packaging Operations, on our team. He oversees all our packaging operations, including our four stick pack machines. With our facilities full of state-of-the-art technologies, we can create roughly 30 different stick pack sizes, including sticks with widths of 23 mm, 33 mm, and 36 mm, varying from 90-180 mm long. With so many different options, our team can produce about 150,000 powdered stick packs per day, per machine. That’s over half-a-million stick packs every day!

If you haven’t taken advantage of this cost-effective and sustainable form of packaging yet, partner with a nutraceutical manufacturer like our team at Vitaquest. We have been an early adopter of new packaging trends for over four decades. Our team specializes in packaging that keeps your product fresh, your consumers happy, and your brand top-of-mind.

Contact us to learn more about stick pack packaging and other ways our team can help you deliver what’s next in nutraceutical formulation, manufacturing, and packaging

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