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Surprising Sources of Innovation

For supplement marketers, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is that supplement sales are on the rise. The bad news is that the success rates for new product launches are low. One way to beat the new product odds and extract value from the sales trend is to find innovative collaborators like Vitaquest.

For over 40 years, Vitaquest has been successful at partnering with customers to create unique, custom products. Each time they partner with a customer, Vitaquest collaborates with them to design products with built-in efficacy, quality, consumer appeal, and competitive differentiation.

Vitaquest’s reputation for innovation is driven by a passion for science. This has allowed the Company to offer its customers an exciting and ever-growing number of globally sourced, science-backed ingredients and technologies. As Vitaquest’s Senior Vice President of Commercial Operations Rick Handel explains, “When customers want to move into a particular benefit area, Vitaquest has the institutional knowledge to be able to suggest effective ingredients and synergistic nutrients, in a variety of delivery systems along with attractive packaging options that can provide the best opportunity for marketplace success.”

That deep level of functional product knowledge can be a surprise coming from a contract manufacturer. But Vitaquest goes beyond just being a supplement manufacturer. They are truly a development and commercialization partner, and are adept at every aspect of product ideation, supplement formulation, development, pilot production, GMP manufacturing, full-service packaging, and thorough quality testing in their own state-of-the-industry, in-house laboratories. That’s why they say they “Deliver What’s Next” for their customers.

If you’re a marketer with an idea on how to take advantage of the market growth trends in dietary supplements and want the delightful surprise of working with an innovation collaborator who understands the science and knows the market, contact Rick and his team to discuss how Vitaquest can put their surprising talents to work for you.

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