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What to Expect from Customer Service

Many times, people think of customer service as the phone number to call when you have a problem. But in the B2B world where supplement marketers and their suppliers live, it needs to be more than that. It should be the marketer’s brand ambassador embedded in the supplier’s organization. And, your supplier should have a corporate customer service function that proactively delights customers instead of just fixing things that went wrong.

That’s why Vitaquest’s Client Service Manager Regina FitzPatrick has assembled a team that constantly looks for ways to provide her customers with timely information. Regina believes that creating transparency builds trust through reliable service. Regina and her team are intimately connected with Vitaquest’s sales, innovation, and operations teams so that customer service can advocate for clients in decisions up and down the value chain. From the initial sales discussions that help set expectations with customers all the way through packaging and shipping, Regina makes sure customers have the timely information they need for decision making.

To anticipate customer needs for accurate information in these uncertain times, Vitaquest consistently invests in processes and infrastructure like connected software, etc. Those investments pay off with Vitaquest customers who always know what is happening with their products and who trust Vitaquest to do everything possible to make sure orders are fulfilled without delay. In the end, the investment generates loyal customers who can expect reduced lead times and a worry-free experience.

So if you are still dealing with contract manufacturers who don’t invest in customer service or who consider it to be an afterthought, maybe it’s time to contact a provider like Vitaquest who sees the value in customer service and has the wisdom to invest in it.  Customer service expertise is one of the reasons Vitaquest says they “Deliver What’s Next” for supplement and nutraceutical companies.

Director of Client Services

Regina FitzPatrick, Director of Client Services at Vitaquest, leads a dedicated team in delivering exceptional customer service. With an impressive track record, she has proudly earned the Vitaquest Proud Champion Award for three consecutive years. Regina brings a wealth of knowledge to her role, holding a Master of Science in Nutrition & Food Science, which further enhances her ability to support our clients effectively.

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