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Sustainable Supplement Packaging Secrets

As consumer interest in more sustainable packaging continues to grow, Vitaquest has been investing in supplement packaging capabilities to effectively partner with dietary supplement customers looking to leverage this new trend.

A Careful Balance

While consumers can seem single-minded in seeking products that do not contribute to the planet’s growing plastics pollution problems, Vitaquest understands that the secret to designing the best package for a dietary supplement product requires a careful balance of a number of variables:

  • Maintaining the safety and efficacy of the product
  • Conveying the right brand aesthetic
  • Cost

Balancing these variables while addressing sustainability in supplement packaging takes experts like Vitaquest’s Barry Lam and Greg Longabucco. With expertise in efficacy, an aesthetic eye for detail, and a dedication to cost, they can guide customers toward packaging that effectively balances those variables.

As active members of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, Vitaquest has access to the latest research on packaging materials and consumer insights.  With that knowledge, Vitaquest can collaborate with customers to select materials and design premium packages priced to provide consumer value.  Vitaquest also has regulatory experts who can provide guidance on claim language and compliance.  This combination of technical and regulatory expertise paired with consumer insights, gives Vitaquest a competitive advantage when collaborating with customers.

The Future of Supplement Packaging

For a peek into the future and how Vitaquest can help “Deliver What’s Next”, Barry has his eye on emerging technologies that can help Vitaquest become a leader in sustainability. As part of the overall Corporate Objectives Barry and team are working on developing a 5 year plan on reducing Vitaquest and their partners’ collective carbon footprint.

In a recent project, Vitaquest worked with a customer who wanted to decrease the total amount of packaging for their products.  To meet the goal, Vitaquest proposed better use of the individual folding carton (IFC) housing the primary bottle container by printing a QR code with a link to product information on the IFC instead of including a paper insert.  Because Vitaquest has internal manufacturing expertise, they can work with customers to engineer solutions like this without needing to involve third parties.

Have more questions about how to create consumer value with sustainable packaging? Our team of experienced sales executives is happy to help, reach out to them today.

Packaging Developer

Introducing Rocco DeSiano, a seasoned Packaging Developer and Engineer with over two decades of expertise in Packaging Design & Production. Currently, Rocco is transitioning into a pivotal role at Vitaquest, where he will be spearheading package development and management. Despite his recent arrival, Rocco is poised to make a substantial impact, driven by his dedication to assist with Vitaquest’s growth.

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