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Protecting People and Property, Vitaquest Upgrades Building Security

While Vitaquest is an industry leader in workplace safety, we strive for continual improvement when it comes to the safety of staff, customers and everyone who visits any of our facilities. Dan Franzen, Senior Manager of Environmental Health & Safety, and Security Manager, Dan Gorman, recently worked together to take a step in upgrading building security by acquiring a new Safety & Security vehicle.

“Security serves as an integral part in supporting overall safety at Vitaquest. With the Safety & Security truck, we will be able to effectively demonstrate to anyone who is at the facility that there is a strong security presence on site, ready to aid whenever needed,” says Franzen.

The security vehicle will make rounds at Vitaquest’s three facilities throughout the day to detect and respond to any potential hazards or safety issues that might arise. Franzen notes that one of the Vitaquest buildings is located near a flood zone, and sometimes drains are blocked by overgrown grass. In those situations, security can catch that and address it before that water buildup potentially turns to ice and leads to people slipping and falling.

The new vehicle is equipped with a first aid bag and AED unit to help when there are medical issues. A jumper cable bag is on hand to help employees and visitors whose cars won’t start, and a full-size, amber-colored police light bar dons the top of the truck.

“Day to day, with a company of over 800 employees, you never know what to expect, so we use the Safety & Security truck to respond. The police light ensures the safety of people along the route, and that there are no issues for the driver. The lights provide a clear warning that an emergency vehicle is approaching. They also provide a valuable service during times of construction, giving additional warning,” says Gorman.

Safety is always top of mind for Dan Gorman and his team. Vitaquest hosts multiple functions on the grounds of its facilities, including company barbecues and picnics, and they will put the Safety & Security truck to good use during those events.

With this upgrade, Vitaquest happily donated their previous vehicle to a local charity in Morris County, New Jersey, an organization that provides educational and social services to families and individuals in the local area. The new truck fits in well with the company’s goal to be a best-in-class organization for safety by enhancing the overall security at Vitaquest.

If you are interested in working with an innovative supplement manufacturer that prioritizes workplace safety to best deliver your products to market, contact us today.

Patrick Brueggman - President and CEO - Vitaquest International
President & CEO Vitaquest International

Patrick Brueggman has spent nearly two decades helping companies innovate in nutraceuticals and personal care industries, working alongside some of the world’s major consumer brands. Today, he is President & CEO of Vitaquest International, one of the largest custom manufacturers in the supplement and functional foods business with over 700 employees. Vitaquest creates and produces more than 4,000 custom formulas for more than 500 brands in over 50 countries, via every important commercial channel.

Prior to joining Vitaquest, he was Senior Vice President at Vantage Personal Care and had a 18+ year career at Ashland Specialty Ingredients where he helped develop and commercialize game changing ingredient solutions for personal care, food and pharmaceutical customers.

At each of these companies. Mr. Brueggman focused on business turnaround, change management, team building, strategy development and integration of acquisitions while enhancing sales and profitability.

Pat was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Louisville and holds a Six Sigma Master Black Belt. Passionate about health and wellness, along with his wife Dr Nouha Domloge he is a principal in five integrative wellness centers in France and the US.

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