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What Makes Effective Supplement Packaging?

When your supplement product hits the shelf, your packaging is the first thing your customers notice. While the decision between a bottle, vial, or stick pack may seem minor, your supplement packaging makes all the difference to your customer. They could either decide to trust your brand and make a purchase, or they could move on to a different product on the shelf. What makes effective supplement packaging? And how can your brand leave a lasting impact?

The Secret to the Best Supplement Packaging

Whether you’re manufacturing protein powders, supplements, or probiotic products, the secret to designing the best package requires a careful balance of three key variables:

  • Safety and efficacy
  • Brand aesthetic
  • Cost

You cannot sacrifice one variable for the other. Quality packaging, first and foremost, means maintaining the efficacy of the supplement and protecting its shelf life. For example, nitrogen-flushed packaging for probiotics, sealed dry packaging for powders, and bottles with moisture-absorbing desiccants.

Here at Vitaquest, our team of packaging experts can collaborate with customers to carefully select materials that protect the integrity of their supplement while designing premium packages priced to provide consumer value. Our main goal is to prioritize quality to ensure that the product remains stable and safe while maintaining your brand appearance.

Trendsetting: Sustainable Supplement Packaging

The packaging team stays current on the latest industry trends. Right now we’re focusing on sustainable packaging. While sustainable packaging caused concerns over cost and product protection in the past, new technology is making sustainable supplement packaging the primary go-to for manufacturers and consumers alike.

We offer several types of sustainable packaging, including post-consumer recycled bottle and gusset bag options, clear PET bottles, and PET shrink sleeves.

The packaging team remains committed to Vitaquest’s sustainability promise and focuses on materials that make the packaging as light as possible, cutting down on freight costs and gas emissions.

The Supplement Packaging Process with Vitaquest

We have a full-service packaging department that can walk you through the packaging process, from consumer experience and branding to labeling and compliance.

You can be as heavily involved in the process or as hands-off as you’d like. We offer stock component options and custom packaging (accompanied by line trials). All recommendations and guidance are made with optimal turnaround time and cost in mind. We also offer turnkey solutions for printed components. Send us your art files, and we can have your packaging components printed in a way that will capture the uniqueness of your brand. We also have a regulatory team onsite to help you craft a label that meets health and nutrition compliance standards.

The following supplement packaging types are currently available:

  • Bottles
  • Jars
  • Gusset bags
  • Stick packs
  • Blister cards
  • Vials
  • Pouches
  • Sachets

This variety means you can develop entire product lines with our team. And the list doesn’t end there! We’re constantly looking for new and innovative packaging options and implementing them successfully across our 3 facilities. Just look at our ODT Delivery System!

If you’re interested in learning more about effective supplement packaging from Vitaquest, we encourage you to contact our team. No other supplement manufacturer in the industry can “deliver what’s next” like we do.

Packaging Developer

Introducing Rocco DeSiano, a seasoned Packaging Developer and Engineer with over two decades of expertise in Packaging Design & Production. Currently, Rocco is transitioning into a pivotal role at Vitaquest, where he will be spearheading package development and management. Despite his recent arrival, Rocco is poised to make a substantial impact, driven by his dedication to assist with Vitaquest’s growth.

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